She currently has a Hyundai Tucson (too miserable to post a picture) and wants more power and a car instead of an SUV. I'm in car recommendation heaven! If anyone has any other options that you might suggest, I would like to pitch them to her so she has a few cars to pick from. Also, thanks Automatch for the post; it was posted in a coincidental fashion to my predicament.

She was going on about an Audi A4. I then pointed out an S4, because the A4 doesn't have as much power as she'd like. Then I pointed out the Chevy SS has a V8 with more horsepower and was $5,000 cheaper. She scoffed at first because it was a Chevy, and then I pointed out all of the great things about it. So far, she seems sold and wants to take a test drive.


She likes 'New', even though I've pointed out that a used car may be a better deal. I'm done floating that boat for now.

Any other cars I should pitch?