In today's edition of "Oh, Dealership...."

9:00 AM - Drop off 1-year old minivan for: Oil change, alignment, inspection, new key (we're tired of sharing 2 keys for 3 drivers), and some problems with the sliding doors. Explain that I need the vehicle no later than 2pm to get my kids from school. They say "we'll call you by 1 to let you know how it's going, but you'll have your car by 2".

1:00 PM - no call.

1:07 PM - Call them. "Well, we only ordered the blade for the key, not the whole thing, so we have to order the rest of it. Also your door needs a new actuator, so we'll do both of those together" *sigh*

"OK, so my car will be ready at 2?"

" should be ready by about 2."

"OK, I need my car at 2 to get my kids."

"Oh. Right, yeah. No problem. It'll be ready by 2".

1:45pm - leave the house.

2:00 pm - Get to dealership. Car is done (they never contacted me.). Pick up car without further issue.


2:45pm - Get home with kids. Lock car. It doesn't beep. Scratch head. Check handles. The driver's side sliding door now doesn't lock. At all. You can lock it manually, but nothing - not the key, not the interior switch - will make it lock. Fortunately, it's done this before, and the fix was (and was again, this time) to turn on and off the "child lock" feature, then unlock the doors, then lock the doors with the key and it beeps.

So my issues are:

1: Not calling me when you said you would. 2: Not calling me to tell me the car was finished. 3: Returning the car to me with stuff broken that wasn't broken this morning. (I realize that the door needs a new actuator, but still. Seriously. When I have to fix my car after I pick it up from the dealership...that's bad.)


So here's where I'm asking your opinion, Oppo: On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is "yeah, I probably should mention it when I come back for round 2" and 10 is "E-MAIL THE OWNER! CALL STEVE LEHTO! CALL THE NEWS! COMMENCE THE FREAKOUT!" ... where should my response be?
Right now, I'm thinking it's at "I know I'm going to get a call from the dealership saying "hey, were you 100% satisfied?*" and I'll say no, which will trigger their "HE SAID NO!" protocol, and I'll get a call back from the service manager and let them know what happened.

*-"...because you're going to get a survey call from Honda and if we don't get all 5s on our service, then BAD THINGS HAPPEN"