It is weird.

Mom: "Zipppy, Check this out. The car all the sudden speeds up when it hits the sand, and it rolls over countless times!"

Me: "That's Hagwallah, or Arab drifting, they get any car, typically Camrys and go to outrageous speeds and swerve repeatedly across the road, and basically try to kill themselves."

Mom: "But the car speeds up when it hits the sand! how does that work?"

Me: "The car is farther away, and that is why it doesn't seem that fast, they tend to go over 120 MPH when they start sliding."

Mom: "But I still don't get why it sped up after hitting the san- OH MY GOD THERE'S A GUY FLYING OUT OF THE WINDOW!!"

Me: "Not sure if you realized, but they don't wear seatbelts."

Mom: "I still don't get it."