So in early August I got a clear bra put on the FoST. About a month after I noticed part of it was peeling away (the pillar between the fog light and lower front grille). They repaired it for free today but I got a call to pick it up and this happened:

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Apparently something happened with the lift either when it was being put down or taken off, scraping part of the underside of the bumper on the passengers side and doing this to the drivers side. They are offering to repair for free but I don’t know the extent of the work they’d do yet. Apparently because of the way they are going to fix it it needs to cure for 60 days with no clear bra on it so he is going to take off small strips of the clear bra on the bottom where it needs repaired, but still ~95% of my bumper is covered.

I’m dropping it off in Wednesday but I’m not sure if it’s even worth getting repaired and driving around with no clear bra on the part of bumper that will see a lot of chips and damage. Do I just touch it up? Do I walk away? I don’t really know what to do. I was not expecting this damage to happen just from a small repair.

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