Trying to finish this damn video

Seriously the last time I churned out a video was like.... December. But editing is hard and this part of the trip was... a lot. Mainly, this video will cover the part of the trip where I had just been informed a 80+ year old tree just fell on my garage.

While my house and puppers were OK, there was a good chance my garage was going to collapse and destroy my Volvo, my Saab, George’s Cabriolet, and the apartment my friend was living in. Furthermore, my otherwise ample insurance was unlikely to cover a total loss of the structure as the garage was, apparently, under insured.


Basically this part of the trip was defined by unbelievable scenery mixed with pulling off the road to take phone calls from emergency coordinators when I had cell reception.

It was... bad.

I appreciate the efforts of those involved that were trying their best not to ruin my adventure with petty details like... saying goodbye to your most treasured possessions from thousands of miles away... but I can’t say it didn’t color this part of the trip.


The good news is that after we got to Vegas the tree, which was now structurally part of my garage, was successfully removed without additional damage to the cars or apartment and everything worked out in the end.


Still... I’m finding it had to put a positive spin on what was a really dark time.

Here is Dog A and Dog B being cute because they missed me... for your time.

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