There's a Mazda dealership no more than 4 miles from my parents' house. I've been there numerous times to check out new Mazdas and to have my Miata serviced/fixed there several other times. I'm planning on talking to the owner next week but, judging from what one of the employees told me, he likes things on paper in black and white.

So, this probably means I need to explain to him SCCA, auto-crossing, and my performances at events in a printed PowerPoint presentation of some sort. I'm looking for someone to cover my gasoline bill, since I usually end up returning home with either half a tank or less left in the Miata due to how far away events are, in exchange I'll run his dealership on the rear quarter panels of the Miata at events. Also, I figure the best way to this proposal to work is for me to run an event with his dealership on a magnetic decal, take a video/picture as evidence, and a receipt for a gas bill and show it to him the day after or so.

On the downside, this might mean I'll be forced to go to events later on in the fall after I start back up in college for my senior year, and risk having exam-studying weekends collide with auto-cross events. Furthermore, he could ask more from me, such as driving around with his dealership ads on my car when I'm not racing but I figure I'm only asking for gas money, not discount parts of anything.

Anyone have any experience with getting sponsors and working deals with them? Do you think this a good idea