I know they’re amazing, but ignore the other M3 prototypes

Almost definitely the most famous example here, the E93 M3 pickup April Fools joke. But there was originally a E30 pickup built as a vehicle to deliver parts, as BMW has no commercial vehicles of any sort, and the E93 was built as a replacement, but someone had the brilliant idea of it as an April Fools prank.

I love the idea of manufactures just building their own workhorses, and not just buying another brands car, and giving up. Why drive a Toyota pickup around the BMW campus, when you could be driving a BMW pickup? Like the Porsche B32. How many other vehicles to serve this purpose exist that we don’t know of? That’s probably why alot of these vehicles in this list exist, and why I want to record alot of them that we know. Of course alot of these also exist as concepts, and promotional items too, like the Civic.



How conveniently relevant, the Type R pickup. Honda UK really needs to stay on the pills.



Renault Clio 6x6. By far the most qbscure here, this discovery was caused by my Renault obsession, looking through the few pictures of Renault’s top secret garage underneath their HQ. I’ve have been able to find around 3 photos and nothing else. Why is it a 6x6? It doesn’t seem that it adds much carrying capacity than a regular Clio conversion. I’m leaning towards a display piece, even if it was never publicly displayed.



An Audi Q7 pickup exists, and no one knows why it exists, other than it’s not shopped, and it was displayed at an event.



Ford Fiesta ST hatchback and Focus ST Estate. Camera Tracking units? Seems to be pretty rubbish pickups if the bed is designed like-

Still, what was wrong with a modified Ranger or Transit? Not that I’m complaining.

I take it back. BRAT style seats FTW! I wonder why there’s Focuses and a Fiesta(s?) built.



Love how the name is a reference to the Felicia Fun.

The Škoda Funstar concept, built by students for Worthersee. Building an custom ute just because? My type of people!


Well I’ll never be able to build one myself. deviantcustoms?



The AAC for reference

There was the VW AAC concept, which was the Atlas Tanoak of 2000, and this Touareg seems to be based of that. There isn’t much information on it, but this article (although doesn’t have a picture of it, but of the AAC concept) says it was built by their VW Individual skunkworks. Apparently it’s called the Touareg Individual (which would be a terrible name if it wasn’t for the context).



This was one of the The Lost World: Jurassic Park M-Classes, codenamed the Santana, and by far the laziest effort here. They didn’t bother to cut the C-pillar and roof and shave the rear doors. However, this was probably so customers didn’t think there was a proper M-Class pickup for sale. Still looks super goofy, (well the whole car kinda is).


Volvo XC6X60?


Volvo XC60 6 wheeled Camera car. OK, is it really a pickup with a bed like that? It’s too cool not to include. Maybe a source of inspiration from these customs?

Could’ve at least gave him a seat! He looks so uncomfortable! What about the cramps?



The original for reference

This was a design study, and was based off their Exora people carrier. Despite the fact it’s FWD and a unibody, you’d get laughed at, and it’s the same vehicle as that, I’m impressed with how they pulled of the truck like looks. Yeah it looks like a Raptor knockoff, but in a good way.



I like the Paceman solely because it’s a 3 door SUV and nothing else. And the Paceman Adventure concept confirms that spotlights, and a roof rack can make anything look cool. Still a wannabe offroader though.


So are there anymore examples out there? Turns out the Dacia Duster forms the perfect example for explaining my criteria.


They need to be based off an existing model. The conversion has to be created by the original manufacture, and not a fan conversion. It also has to be never sold to the public.


This Duster 6x6, built as an official display piece for Dacia counts. Modified from an existing Duster for official uses only.

This Renault (yes not Dacia) Duster Oroch doesn’t count as it was sold to the public and not a conversion, but built as a pickup.


Wait, but does that mean the concept version counts? It was never sold to the public, built by the company on an existing car? But they already greenlit it for production, this is just a production version tarted up for auto shows. And that meant it was built as a pickup from the start. Does that mean I have to include the aforementioned Atlas Tanoak? But it’s not confirmed for production.


Ah this is another perfect example! A proper Duster ute conversion! But wait a separate company converts them, not Dacia? But 500 were officially sold by Dacia to an oil company. They were still not sold to the public right. And Dacia still were involved, making it an official product. So it counts right!

Darn it, I don’t even know my own criteria.