If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Trying to sell Crusty as-is.

Oof! Here’s the text of the ad.

“Sellingmy Crusty companion.
The good
5.0 thats strong
4x4 works

New front spring towers, springs and shocks
Newer rear shackles and hangers
2 year old Walmart battery.

The bad
It’s rusty. And has some dents. It looks good from 20' but it’s all smoke and mirrors (duct tape and spray paint really!)

The ugly
Windshield is cracked
Passenger door window motor is weak
Tires are about done (31x10.50x15)
Anti freeze leak

Transmission is on it’s last leg. I don’t know how long it has left but it isn’t long.
I lost the title. I can get a replacement but you know how long Illinois takes to print out a piece of paper..
Rear fuel tank works but leaks


I put around 40,000 miles on this truck between 10/2014 and 10/2017 and with a rebuilt trans I’d say it’s mechanically good for another 40k easy.

$500 with a bill of sale”

(Formatting went wonky on the paste.)

Yes $500 is high without a title. But if I pay Illinois $95 for a new title and wait six weeks for them to print It? I may as well put a trans in it and keep it. Dammit!

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