I think I’ve finally made a rear over-the-frame section of new fuel line for the Chevelle I’m happy with. Above you can see, top to bottom, the original 5/16" line, my first piece in steel (corners flattened out too much), and the second and third versions in aluminum.


After the first one (see my previous post) I got some aluminum tubing. I made a piece which was pretty close, and test-fit it. With some tweaking it fit properly, so I figured it would do. Now, I had filled this tubing with sand so prevent it flattening out much when bending on the premise of “why not” - I hadn’t accounted on the sand turning into sandstone in the bends, and 2/3 of it will not come out with any sort of coercion.

I made the third one tonight, lubricating the slidey bit of the bending tool excessively and shimming the slop in the die with some paper (needed .018" off the radius to properly support the sides of the tubing). Going slow, this worked and it didn’t flatten out at all in the corners and it’s the most accurate one I’ve made yet.

This one will go on the car. I hope.


Next up will be mounting this in place (easier said than done, as it has to snake up behind the crossmember, around the shock mount, around a body mount, over the flange on the frame, and tuck down on the inside of the frame rail in front of the rear wheel). After that, from there forward will be fashioned in a similar manner (I hope I have enough tubing left) and the two pieces joined with a union, which will be fine since it’s the suction side of the pump anyway.

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