So, this morning I went to my parents’ church as they offered to replace my rear bearings for free, so long as I bought the parts. Unfortunately, I could only afford 1 of the two.

No biggie though, I’d have them fix the worst bearing, get the other fixed later, right?

I get there on time, give them the bearing, and sit in the waiting room. A hour and a few minutes pass and they tell me the car’s all ready to go! Sweet!


As we walked to my car, the mechanic tells me that I bought the wrong bearing, but no problem, he ran to the local parts store and picked one up, free of charge to me.

That’s...odd, I bought the exact part for the rear bearings but...hey it’s definitely a better part than mine, so I won’t complain! He hands me back the box I gave him and he says “you should be able to get a refund on this, have a nice day!”


As I drove away, I adored the quietness of the interior...but then it hit me, the other bearing is quiet!!!!! What!?!?!? I slalom the car, loaded and unloaded the wheels, nothing, nada, not even a peep.

Then it hit me... I opened the box he handed me...inside the box was a front bearing! Huh, weird. I specifically gave him the rear bearing (it came in a bigger box). I check the boot, maybe they threw it back there? Nope, the other front bearing is back there.


What happened is that they thought I wanted them to replace both rear bearings, and I bought the wrong part for the left side...where it was just I couldn’t afford that other bearing. The two bearings in the back were from the failed front bearing project.

So that means they replaced both bearings!!! And with the belts already replaced, that means my car is now mostly trouble free! They also did some light tuning, tightened my parking brake (didn’t know it was loose lol), and tightened up the steering.


My baby is ready for the next 100k!