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Miss Tesla and I deliberated over and over...and ultimately we decided we’re likely going to sell Tucker once we get the title.


I’ve been using him for errands to save Phil from getting scratches, extra mileage, and such...and I really love the idea of having not 1, but 2 smarts to play with. It’s honestly a blast to be able to have a choice between what to drive. If I want to feel like I’m driving a street legal kart, take Tucker. If I want style, speed, and refinement, take Phil.

But, as you Oppos very and Miss Tesla accurately pointed out, keeping Tucker is a silly thing to do financially. He wouldn’t be a cheap toy. I’ll have to insure him, do repairs, mods, and the sort. So, as much as I may dream, I have to be an adult and do the adult thing. :)


As such, if we do decide to sell Tucker (very likely), we’re going to be trying different avenues. Oppo will get the first shot and cheapest price, $1500 to anyone willing to brave the plastic fantastic.

In the meantime, I’ve been prepping him for sale. Cleaning him up, returning some parts back to stock (shift knob, tow bolt holes, speedometer, etc) mending some interior bits I haven’t gotten around to doing. I even performed some engine stress testing. Seems the new plugs are working witchcraft, haven’t seen any misfires in a long time. Hmmm...this engine just won’t make up its mind.


(Lead picture: Zion Nuclear Power Station, 2013)

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