And a bonus four wheels mention! Here’s Nick Ienatsch, chief instructor at Yamaha Champions Riding School, talking about the many factors of the rear tire grip equation so you don’t do this:

Crucial point for our four-wheeled friends:

“For those coming into the two-wheeled world from cars: I’ve been around car instructors who use the term “Go to Power” as if it’s a switch that the driver throws. In fact, it’s the driver’s foot mashing down on the throttle as if it’s a switch. Please remove that term from your motorcycling vocabulary, because the rider that “switches” on the throttle will always have grip issues if he/she must hold or add lean angle on the exit.


And a little hint for the car lovers: “Go to Power” works with slow cars driven slowly or with the traction control (TC) in full-on mode. Fast cars or less electronics will punish this practice. Oh, and every time your car or bike is in TC, it’s cutting horsepower, that’s why the MotoGP boys hang off so far and point the bike so well: Get it out of TC and into full-power mode ASAP."