So while you dorks are at work, I am “enjoying” myself.

I have totally changed my approach to fixing this turd. slow and steady wins the race. I am not finnegan, nor do I have useful friends like reidus and cletus. I will count myself lucky if it even runs this year, but the plans themselves haven’t changed. I still need to:

Disassemble the engine, swap gaskets, seals, accessories, timing, reassemble. Paint? sigh.

Transmission: Shift kit, filter, new rear seal, vacuum modulator (thanks oppo for the suggestions. all look like easy, cheap improvements)

Wire mad max style booby traps to compensate for how hilariously easy these are to steal.


Fiberglass remaining floor hole

Replace front fuel lines under engine

Re-insert drivetrain

Exhaust (easy)

fix bumper

Wire electric choke



Engine is clean! Ish! Probably as clean as it is going to get outside of a parts washer.





I got some extra days off between semesters, so hopefully I can make some serious headway. Bad news though, My remaining exhaust manifold bolts all snapped. Should the candlewax fix fail, the machine shop will have to do.


Also today, I fixed the mini. The power door has really chickenshit plastic clips between the regulator and the rails it runs on. Those clips broke, which allowed my window to de-track when I slammed the door. For once the dealership was useful and stocked them for reasonable money. No pictures because I am not giving that car any more thought than necessary.


Think happy thoughts my friends.