Leftover 2018 models in double cab with standard bed are pretty much non-existent. Everything is a crew cab with a short bed.

So, we started looking at 2019 models. We found a 2019 SR5 with the new SX package and a bed liner, plus all weather floor mats - $41500 or so. We talked them down to $36700 which seems to be a great deal on a 2019, but we wanted down to $36000. They won’t budge, we won’t budge, so no Tundra for us - yet. I’ll stay on the lookout. I do want the SX package, pretty much a must. I love that grill and headlights and bumper and wheels


Once you start taking numbers, there are plenty of deals. $8000 discount on a Silverado extended cab, $10-12000 on a crew cab. I found a 2018 Silverado 1500 custom with 5.3 V8 and extended cab for $34500. I found a Ford F-150 XLT with extended cab and standard bed, 5.0 V8 for $33600. All of those have really shitty financing options - $6-7% interest if you want all the discount offers. They only offered 0% if you opt out the $4500 or so discount offers. So, great buys if you’re paying cash, but some $7000 in interest on a $35000 truck over 6 years.

I’m still waiting on Nissan people - I was told interest will be bad, but they might go really, really low on the price so we’ll see about that.

So, I’m still looking, but probably waiting for better deals, hopefully around Christmas.


Thanks for all of your opinions. 

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