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Tundra v. Taco

You get desensitized to 1/2 ton truck sizes when they are everywhere around you and treated like “entry level” products. Whose first car or driving experience was a full size truck (Southern Oppos especially)? I learned in an F150 long bed, and learned manual in a Wrangler.

Can you believe vehicles this big are constant top sellers? By the way, that Tacoma in front of the Tundra is still bigger than most Crossovers. I’m starting to see how weird ‘Murica is. These aren’t even Detroit makes at that!

Anyone still not seeing the point to a midsized truck segment? Thankfully we are getting a Ridgeline and Santa Cruz as our new“compact” trucks. Frontier, Tacoma, Colorado, and Canyon for midsize. F150, Silverado, Sierra, Ram 1500, Tundra, and Titan for fullsize. Then Ford, Chevy, GMC, and Ram keep going up at least another two or twelve classes. Ridiculous!

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