I know there are some audiophiles on here. If I keep the Volvo long-term, it will need a good sound system. What do you like? Speakers, amps, head units... Whatever. Taking all reccomendations.

I listen to Metal of many styles, Jazz, Electronic, Rap, Blues... Pretty much anything other than Country and Gospel. I enjoy having access to a lot of bass, but I want a balanced system. I’ve spent enough time in friends’ vehicles with two 15" subs in the back hooked up to a massive amp, grossly overpowering the tiny stock speakers run off the OEM head unit. Yuck.

I’ve finally got the Miata sound system more of less perfected, after finishing the sound deadening and adjusting bass response from the front speakers. It sounds incredible—top up or down—to the point where playing music in the Volvo is quite... Sad. Someday I'll probably want another set of speakers in the Miata parcel shelf for a bit more mid to low end range, but for now... It's Volvo time! Potentially. If the Volvo doesn't explode.