So the Snuze threw a check engine light today. I was merging on the highway and I looked down and BLAM! CEL! So I slowed down, turned off the radio and A/C and scanned my gagues, everything seemed fine. I drove slowly and listed, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I completed my journey and the car ran completely fine.

So I went to Autozone and borrowed their scanner and got a P0299, which is a “turbo underboost condition.” I did a little googling and apparently this is a somewhat common problem with ‘11-12 cars and is the result of a malfunctioning wastegate. And since the wastegate is internal on these cars the only fix is a whole new turbo unit.


The good news is my car has a 100k mile powertrain warranty, and only has 93k miles on the clock. Looks like the Snuze will be getting a new turbo soon.

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