It's a relatively new video, at least new to me. All the other videos had horrible sound quality and this is by far the best one. Thoughts and opinions?

My opinion,

Lot of us have mixed opinions on Rennlist(Porsche forum). On one side, it's further differentiating the Cayman/Boxster from the 911 which is kind of a good thing, and supposedly this is going to lower the price of the aforementioned models. And it is something new from Porsche, the first 4 cylinder Porsche since 1995 and the first turbo-4 since the 968 Turbo/S/RS. So in a way, these are the new 944/968 turbos? That's kinda cool I think.

The bad: A car enthusiast friend of mine has called these new cars, "overly-priced Subaru coupes and convertibles". And the fact that the affordable flat-6 is now dead is annoying to me; but I suppose the "affordable" one is a used Cayman or Boxster now? And I highly doubt that this will lower prices at all. And it also seems weird paying up to $50-70k+ for a 4 cylinder car, but that's probably just me.

Overall, just mixed feelings, I hope it sounds good and not like a Subaru if that's even avoidable.