My 911 continues to give me little issues here and there, so I’ve been driving my Beetle a fair bit.

For those who need a refresher, I bought a 2012 turbo beetle with 55,000 miles, a CPO warranty and got good financing and really reasonable payments. It’s got a 2.0T engine and a 6 speed manual but a soft suspension and 15 cubic feet behind the seats.

What I don’t like:

- Every person driving a muscle car, big ass truck or insecure in themeselves will refuse to move over or will speed up as I pass, or just generally treat me like I’m driving a cute euro hatchback in Gods country, which is true but just let me beeeee.

- the seats aren’t bad but I haven’t found a great seating position yet

- big heavy 18" wheels.

What the jury is still out on:

- suspension v. ride height v. comfort v. stannnccceee. It’s just too soft, I like not having to worry about bumps and so forth with the ride height but this car looks a lot better lowered to GTI/GLI height as opposed to its stock 5.5", and I think it would drive a lot better.


- I drive it in some stop and go traffic, and I’ll admit, at times I think “I should of got the DSG.”

- the looks, I think lowering it and some different wheels would help the car feel more “mine.”

What I like

- engine and transmission. It’s good.

- cabin is reasonably roomy. My daughter sits behind me just fine. My wife at 6'2" has all sorts of room above her head


- it’s a “base” model of the turbo but it’s got heated seats and Bluetooth phone. So fanceh

- I’ve been getting better gas mileage around town and commuting. Today’s snowy commute was like a consistent 40-50mph home and I got about 31mpg. With my foot in it, it can burn through gas though.

Too dark for car pictures, so you get a cat picture instead!