Turbo brick has turned me into an asshole driver

On the way to work, there’s a single lane road that splits off into two lanes. Lately, I’ve been driving suuuuuper slow on the single lane part, and then when the lane splits in two, the S4, X5, Evoque, Wrx or whatever that was behind me goes full throttle and tries to pass the “slow wagon”.

Then I drop a gear and *boost happens*. The two lane merges back into a single lane, and the pass attempt fails. I get to the twisty part of the road in the lead, and get to have some fun.


I’m becoming a monster. With the Miata, I could drop as many gears I like and acceleration wouldn’t change much. Still get blown out of the water by a modern minivan. With the Volvo.... Oh god. Speed, and glorious 5-cylinder rumble. Even the blow off valve and intake sounds are intoxicating. Shop owner echoed some of your thoughts, saying that he would guess there’s 325ish hp and ft/lbs at the crank. Someday I’ll try to find a dyno for the brick and the roadster.

Header image is from the shop my 850 was fixed up at. Incredible place, situated in the heart of an old Seattle neighborhood. Yes, it’s that horrid yellow colored building, and yes, there’s blue trim. Couldn’t get more *Volvo* than that. The bill was exactly what I was told it would be, we chatted maintainance for awhile, and the owner gave me tips on what to watch out for in the future.

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