Turbo Cost Breakdown

One would expect this car to have been fairly cheap being made primarly out of the Ebay parts bin. But it’s more accurate to say it’s been,”Cheaper” then it could’ve been but not affordable, Having spent the last 2 hours tallying up everything on the car I’ll leave you to navigate my handwriting.


Below is a summary:

$2488.65 .Turbo System; Includes standalone ecu, wiring, fuel system, exhaust, Turbos, oil, and battery relocation.

$1522.89 .Engine; Includes a rebuild using stock components save for the headgaskets and bearings. Also accessories such as engine mounts, starter, and alternator.


$1225.43 .Suspension & Brakes; Bigger calipers, abs delete with new lines run from the Master cylinder, rear suspension refresh, Modified knuckles, and a few bushings.


$956.70 .Transmission; A refresh of all the manual swap parts minus the transmission with new, TOB, pilot bearing, clutch master, slave, clutch line, and CNC shortened shifter to fit in the interior without sacrificing a cupholder(apparently that alones worth $300 to me)


$7543.50 .Total; Including Miscellaneous bits and Bob’s such as headlight bulbs, wipers, shift knob and afr gauge. Not including, special tools, pricey parts that I already had, or the chassis.

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