Turbo is a dangerous game.

Well I think it is.. A long period of debugging and coding brought hospitalization for stress, exhaustion and a random collapsed lung after for the programmer after it was all said and done. This was the first sprite-scaling race game. On release it was massively popular and a huge step forward in game design. Pole position didn’t come out for another year. The programmer for the Atari 2600 port was hit by a drunk driver while riding a bicycle. It seems anyone who touches this program has issues. But, through their efforts, the 3rd person perspective first debuted here is the legacy.


I lost many quarters to this game and even now if I find a functioning one, I can’t floor it in high gear without insta-crashing into someone else. I have to soft foot the pedal or I hit something. Istill want to know what the ambulance has under the hood for it to outrun a formula car.

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