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Turbo Mazda3 Confirmed

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Photo: Mazda

250 HP, 320 TQ with 93 octane. Good.

Only available with Six-Speed Automatic transmission. Bad

I’m just not sure, this doesn’t move my pulse much. I know Mazda is trying to appear as up market nowadays but I feel like they could’ve put a bit more effort in making this feel special.


I’d love to drive one when it comes out to see because I’m not the biggest fan of this motor in the cars. It felt more like a diesel than a gas motor in the Mazda6 - just not as fun as say an Accord 2.0t. They work great in the Crossovers, though.

Anywho, I guess we should just be happy a more powerful option is soon available. Even if it doesn’t being the excitement prior Speed3's did.

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