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Turbo Rant

Before I start this rant, let me say that I dont hate turbochargers. Ive encountered a few people lately that have talked like the turbocharger is the cure-all for crappy cars. I have a friend that I told recently that I want a Type 1 beetle. He said "you should turbo it", I tried to explain that that doesnt really work with air cooled engines. Then he listed the guys he knows who has done it without describing how. Then my other friend says I wanna buy a Veloster turbo because turbo means fast. I said not necessarily. I mean if I were to show either of these friends this car:


They would look on the side and say " It must go really fast!" I mean it bugs me that people can be this dumb. Im not saying that turbos dont have a purpose. I just hate that some people think that they can go buy a pinto, slap a turbo on it and instantly be able to compete with lamborghinis. UGHHHH!!! Some people just make me wanna pull my hair out.

/End Rant

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