Finally purchased a standalone ecu, welded and painted most of the exhaust, and mounted the battery in the trunk.

Went with an ms3x from diyautotune, it will be able to control my coil on plug setup and run my injectors without resorting to batch fire. It is the single largest expense so far at just under $1000 so I’m glad that’s behind me.

The battery is huge, luckily so was the old 12 disc CD changer that I pulled out. Made a plate to mount the battery, drilled a couple holes for the j-hooks and wa-la. Also the ground strap is a standin for a larger one I want to make. Up top theres a 300amp fuse to keep the car from catching on fire if battery grounds out.


The last things to buy are intercooler piping, misc sensors, more exhaust pipe for the length of the car, and wiring bits for the new harness.