Turbo sc400 project is moving along predictably.

Blew an oil feed line during lunch(Pops confetti) More after the jump.

Took the car for a test drive to see how the Fpr was working, after driving for 10 minutes I realized the pumps were extra quite and chocked it up to wind noise.


Got back to work, popped the trunk and saw that one of the feed lines had blown, spewing all of the reservoirs oil out. The turbo had no oil pressure for at least 3-4 minutes so there’s got to be some significant damage. I’m hoping that they will still work enough to continue stress testing the system and working out the kinks. During pulls on the highway Id noticed near full boost the car smelt odd (like burning oil or rubber) but the car didnt stop making boost so the turbos shafts arnt siezed yet. Having them rear mounted and running much cooler I’m sure helped.

The Fuel pressure regulator works though so that’s good. Just got to hurry up and wait till my shifts over so I can bodge the car back together in the parking lot.

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