I managed to patch the Volvo together until I could get it to a rent-a-lifts where I work and that was where the easy part ended.

I combined many four-letter words at this point, some previously unknown to mankind.

The return line fitting seized and tore the metal line when I took it out, but some kind soul left some SAE fuel line behind in the shop and I fabricated a replacement with some hose clamps.


See Professor (NAME REDACTED), I actually learned something from all those years of fancy schoolin’.

This is the old pump. That sock isn’t doing much filtering.

Then I had to manually trim the sending unit to accept the longer iPD upgrade unit. Thanks to the shop closing at 2-3 and closing an hour early, I had to split this into a two day job for an extra $3.

Miraculously, the whole car came back together with little drama, except the new pump caused the old in-line pump to start weeping fuel. Sucks, but that’s to be expected when you suddenly increase the fuel flow to an old pump. I deserve it for trying to save an extra few bucks.


I drove home only to find it weeping the finest (budget) 91 octane out the right rear corner. Sigh, I can’t win with this car, can I?

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