I went ahead and ordered the last of the necessary parts to hopefully get the Volvo roadworthy. One upgraded in-tank fuel pump and OEM filter, please!

The tires are almost old enough to vote and the floorpan still needs patching, but passing the emisssions check and having working lights are the only thing that determines whether or not this car is “roadworthy” in the State of California.

We are at about $2400 bucks for the car, tax, fluids, and parts. Still, gotta open up the purse strings if I want to play the Project Car game. I could have saved a few bucks if I cancelled the old IPD order, but I would rather have parts on hand and not need them than vice versa.


Or so I choose to tell myself. This is normal, right?

Wait, don’t answer that. I think the high pressure pump will stop working if I get complacent...

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