TurboBrick Adventures, Part 7: Fuel Pump & Junk In The Trunk

I was too tired after the Hornet move to really tear into the Volvo, so I decided to just remove the floor and really go to town on the clean-up. Gave it a detergent & water scrub followed by a hose down and the final product is way cleaner than it was when I bought the car.


I tried tackling the fuel pump today. The main hose came off with little fuss but it wasn’t until after I tried a herculean feat of strength removing the return line (the one on the left with the cracked cover) that I learned early cars like mine have a permanent fitting so it’s not like that sucker’s coming off. No, I have to disconnect the other end and wedge the whole dang thing out.

This would have been good to learn since every YouTuber has the later car with the hose clamp & pipe. I want to roll over and cry. Will finish it after work tomorrow. 

I think a tuft of the insultating mat came off and the rear dome light switch broke. Damn it. Time for a parts car.

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