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Turkish delights

Latest in our exploration of who buys what and where comes Turkey, a country straddling Europe and Asia and known for Aghia Sophia, the theatre at Pergamon and the cave churches of Cappadocia, all of which are Greek, and a relative absence of Armenians due to the events of a hundred years ago which are still denied in Turkey.

So, what do the Turks choose to drive around in? Do they buy facelifted versions of obsolete Western cars? Have they asked the question to which Subaru is the answer? Are VW a thing? Sometimes, no and yes.


So let’s have the Top Ten for the period to September. There are a few surprises.

Fiat Linea

Toyota Corolla

Renault Fluence

Ford Transit Courier

Fiat Doblo

VW Passat

Renault Clio

Ford Transit

VW Jetta


The first five are made in Turkey and while the Linea is a developing market-only car based on the Punto the Corolla, Fluence, both Transits and the Doblo are exported to Europe and available at dealers near me.


You have to go down to no. 7 to find a hatchback and while the Jetta is hugely outsold by the Golf in Europe the Turks are obviously deeply devoted to three box cars and to vans.

Turkey is the only place where the Fluence, a Renault that you can’t buy in France, is popular.


Here’s a Fluence, a French car neither made nor sold in France.

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Have the theatre at Pergamon which is only Turkish in the sense that it’s now in Turkey.

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Have also a Linea.

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