Way to ruin racing games, guys! Forza 7 is the most un-fun, unrewarding, boring slog of a racing game I have ever played.

And whomever was the genius who thought that using a fucking first-generation Bronco for your insipid cone-gate-challenge needs to be smacked.

I am so close to shredding my disc, deleting the game and forgetting it was ever released. You fucked up the VIP and still haven’t fixed that. The game barely works, crashes all the time, and the stupid avatars elicit zero emotion from me. Also loot crates are just gambling and should be illegal in games rated below Adult Only.

Why does gaming have to be so fucking difficult for anyone to care about it? Are people’s lives that empty that need games to be hostile in order to have a sense of worth? What happened to fun for the sake of enjoyment?

I should just go back to Fourtza. That was at least fun to play.

Yes, I know I’m old. Fuck off.