So I post about getting a ticket without a license and this trolling ass bitch [redacted] calls me a dumbass and crosses the motha fuckin line calling my car beat to hell... This is Oppo part of Jalopnik .. I like to think my oppo family loves every car as long as it's not a prius and coming here to talk shit about someone's car they spend EVERY FUCKING DOLLAR on is just a troll as move.

First off : Go fuck yourself you most likely still live at home with mommy and daddy and if you are a grown ass man you weren't driving a 5.3 v8 280z with a built T56 when you were 24 years old that you built yourself.

Secondly: Go fuck yourself. A majority of Oppo loves my car. I'd love to know what you drive and I'm not talking about your forza garage either.. Bitch.

let me find out you drive a prius bitch. let me find out.Also my car is a 280z so get your shit right. [vague sexual reference] ?