I was having issues getting the stripe to conform to the lower concave body line, but once I peeled back the paper it turned out pretty dang good.

MOPAR OR NO... truck?

I started by finding the spot where I wanted them, measuring and levelling and measuring again, then popping up the bed-side caps and removing the lower spats to avoid having to cut the stripe around them.

The pink spray bottle full of soapy water was key.

Once wetted and applied and squeegeed to heck and back, it was pretty much bubble-free


I let it set to dry for a few hours, it got dark, I peeled the paper, re-installed the spats and covers and waited till morning. Thankfully, except for a few discreet bubbles down low it came out pretty nice.


Not bad for my first time putting on a sticker any larger than an OPPO logo on a window.