My son has started driving. He’s doing pretty well, but he does one thing that drives me crazy: he shuffle steers. I think it’s also called push-pull. I drove a manual for 30 years, and I am a dedicated one-hand steerer: left hand at 12 o’clock, right hand resting on the shifter (or close to it), grab or palm the wheel around. So I’m not really the best one to school him on how to turn the wheel.

What happens is that he shuffles through the turn too slowly and then gets too deep and “behind the turn.” He’s chasing the car instead of driving it. The shuffle also leads to more “sawing” of the wheel than I’d like. I’ll be interested to see what his actual official driving instructor tells him next week when he starts his on-the-road training.


What do you do Oppo? How might I encourage him to steer more effectively and positively?

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