Last week I posed the question about what you youngsters thought of a non-target demographic guy like me driving around in a Focus ST. At that point, I had already made up my mind about picking one up.

After test driving my '14 ST1, I was hooked. I've had a couple of turbo vehicles in the past (my 01 XC, and my 90 Saab 900T), a host of other hatches (2 CRXs, Mazda6). The Saab was immensely practical and the hatch swallowed an entire bedroom dresser (and allowed the hatch to close!), and was a fun ride. I hope this car ends up similarly practical, and significantly more fun.

I didn't opt for any upgrades. To make sure I didn't bust my budget, I didn't even wander over and look at the 2 ST3s the dealer had available. The stock seats work well for me, heck the stockers in the Tundra were giant park benches. I'm not a huge audiophile, so the base stereo sounds good to me, too. On the test drive, I dragged the salesman over to my house (they wouldn't just toss me the keys) and made him wait while I let my wife sit in the car and we verified that she would fit ok with the my son sitting behind her. That was the last potential roadblock to the purchase, and it passed with flying colors. I'm 6'4" and can sit behind my wife, so there's ample rear seat room.

On Saturday, I took my son to Home Depot for their Mother's Day build and grow craft. He was really sad (tears shed) over getting rid of the Tundra. However, when we got to Home Depot, I asked him his favorite part of the car. His reply? "The fast". So he's happy, and I've assured him that someday in the future, I'm sure we'll have a pickup again.

I'm looking forward to getting back home and driving it a bit. Immediately after the purchase, I had to head out of town for work. The ST sits idly in my garage, 50 miles on the odo, waiting to stretch its legs. So count me amongst the quickly expanding family of ST owners on Oppo.