Turo Decision: Which car to rent?

April. Central California Coast. Monterey.

Yep, we’re doing a small family meet up in the Monterey area, the lodging accommodations are paid already, so I’m interested in splurging for a fun Turo rental, instead of the standard Nissan Altima.

Trying to keep my budget under ~$115 per day, I figure a convertible would be the way to go as we travel down Hwy 1 from the SFO area. I’d prefer a two seat roadster, but I’d settle for a 4-seater. Selfishly, I don’t want to shuttle the rest of the family around, would rather just be me and the wife (for both our sanity).


So you Opponauts know these cars better than me... I’ve got these in mind....

Very Affordable: Mazda MX-5 (NC) ~$40/day

Miata is always the answer.

Mid-Range: BMW Z4 (both E85 & E89 models available) ~$80/day

Rollin’ like a mid-level manager! JDGAF!!!

Upper End: Porsche Boxster 981 ~$115/day

Don’t worry about luggage, it has a trunk AND a frunk!

I mean, it sort of HAS to be the Boxster, doesn’t it??

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