Alright, so in my last post I was spitballing some ideas for a Turo rental to head to the ski mountain in California next month. Lots of highway driving, want something comfortable.

Based on the comments, I have narrowed it down a bit and have come up with some options that would work best. I eliminated the Mercedes and BMW for being cheapo base models, the Audi for being a FWD CVT piece of garbage, and the Cadillac for being powered by a boat anchor.

I am stuck between a Chrysler 300 and an Infiniti Q40. Both have a nice 3.6 or 3.7 L V6 with RWD and decent interiors. While the Chrysler would be more comfortable overall, I do like the little bit of handling ability and smaller size the Infiniti would have. The Infiniti is also 400 pounds lighter and has more horsepower, so it should be decidedly quicker. The only concern with the Infiniti is whether or not the seats in the back fold down to fit skiis in there.


Theres also a manual GTI but it would cost about $100 more for the trip and my girlfriend thinks they look like mini vans. Thinking the Infiniti would be a good choice though.