So, we had a winter storm today. My wife and I had some training to go to and we decided to leave the MS3 at home and take her AWD Tuscon. Now, I know what you are thinking;

"Hyundai is CUV Bat Gunao!!! If you don't kill it with fire right this moment your Oppo privileges will be revoked!"


True, it's not an Oppo approved car. It's cheap, it's underpowered, it's a Hyundai. However... With a nice big button on the center console that turns all the auto nannies off, except ABS


(this button, this one right here)

and a set of Michelin X-Ice XI2 on all four corners


it is, for lack of a better word...

Seriously, the car kicked ass. Passed bro-trucks with aplomb, trudged through the deep stuff, skittered across ice, it was impressive. Either the drivers out there lacked confidence, they had all seasons tires and couldn't handle the decrease in frictional coefficient, or the Tuscon was just that good (I'm going with decrease in frictional coefficient).


What was even more interesting was that in the corners, it was even a little tail happy. Not sure if it's because the AWD system is so crude that it can't really balance the power and it just throws it all to the back when the front wheels slip, or if it's because the weight distribution is heavily front focused and there isn't much poundage in the back (58.5/41.5). What's more, the automatic 6-speed slushie didn't even hunt and peck through the gears when the wheels were spinning, it let the engine rev. Whatever it is, it's shamefully fun. Despite the little Korean that could's paltry 176 bhp and its zoftig 3382 pound curb weight, the car was genuinely fun in adverse conditions.

Any other Oppo's out there been presently surprised by a beige commuter?