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Tutorial Time, Club Openings. The Whole Shebang.

I think Will.I.Am needs a tutorial in the world of automotive enthusiasm. It's quite clear that he's genuinely enthusiastic, but doesn't have a clue. Oppositelock should give him a little help in that department. After all, out mission is to promote enthusiasm, not shit on it.

What are your ideas?

Let's see if we can piece together the elements of an article to post on the front page for Will.I.Am to see.


Also, it's that time of week again! That's right kids, Oppositelock has club openings! An unlimited supply of club openings! Having you been looking through Oppositelock, liking what you're seeing, but wondering how you could share your own contributions? Wonder no more! Simply comment in this post requesting permission to be an author, and I will add you this evening!

And, umm, bacon. That is all.

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