I imagine most of us on here have this similar problem in our families - since we’re inclined with mechanical and technical things, we constantly get turned to for advice, even if it’s outside of our sphere of knowledge.

My aunt just moved into a massive new house and she wants a new TV. The living room in this place is huge - I went over and took some measurements based on where the furniture was at and where she wanted it to be view-able from and I think she needs something 65”+.

We went shopping 2 weeks ago and she settled on a 70” Sharp Aquos Quattron at Best Buy. For the next 2 weeks Best Buy has given her the runaround saying they can’t get it, then they could, then they would have to ship it from a different store, etc. Long and short is, they don’t have it.

I think that model is being phased out - in fact I think all the 60”+ HDTVs are being phased out in favor of the 4K sets. I’m not totally sold on 4K yet - no one is broadcasting in it, and there’s no physical medium that supports it (i.e. Bluray). My aunt feels the same way, she thinks its a feature she doesn’t need or want. I really don’t know, haven’t researched it too far, so if I’m way off base on 4K, please, take me to school and give me knowledge.

I have a friend that used to sell TVs at Best Buy and always steered me towards Samsung or LG as top brands. He’s been out of the game for 5 years now so I’m not sure if they are still good. Does anyone here stay current on this type of thing? Could you make some TV recommendations? As far as budget, I think she’d like to be around $1600 give or take a bit.


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