I drive a 2000 Audi A6 Quattro and over the weekend two things happened to it. Sorry in advanced for how long #1. Is


1. Power steering

2. Suspension/axel

1. There was a big temperature drop and my power steering began to whine. I bought a quart of mineral hydrolic fluid (blueish color) and did a semi-flush (didn't have the tools at home to do a real one). The first couple of times I bledd the system, the tank became filled with a tan, smelly liquid, and eventually turned to the black I was expecting. After doing this my power steering pump whines while the engine is cold. Any opposed know what the tan liquid was, and/or any recommended action?

2. My front end seems to shake (somewhat like it is out of alignment , but it does not pull) between 55mph and 75mph and it starts to smooth out and is not noticeable after about 83-85mph. Any idea what it might be before I take it to a shop?


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