Tragically two of Her Majesties Canadian Forces Personnel were run down earlier today by a deranged man piloting a Nissan Altima in a parking lot near St. Jean sur Richeleau in Quebec.

Apparently the man had been stopped before, and got caught trying to leave Canada to fight for ISIS.

The two soldiers were both injured. One only suffered minor injuries (thankfully) but the other one didn't fair so well and suffered life threatening injuries.

Here's to his or her recovery.

The driver of the Altima fled the scene, led the police on a chase, flipped his car into a ditch then brandished a knife at officers, for which he was shot and killed.


To all my buddies in the CF, I say "Stay safe"

To the soldiers who got hit I say "good luck in your recovery, we're pulling for you"


To the fucker that did this I say "good riddance & rot in hell".

As always, I've got lots and lots of respect for the Canadian Forces. They are awesome.


UPDATE: The solider who was seriously injured died from his injuries early this morning.

Rest in Peace Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent