Later this year I’ll most likely be moving and will need an apartment. As I have two cars, one of which will need to be stored inside I have to think about what to do. Currently one car stays in a pole barn while the other is in use. I do not know where I will be geographically yet.

Options I have come up with:

  1. Rent apartment that has a garage. One car in it, one in street/drive. Severely limits apartment choices.
  2. Rent any apartment and find a storage place. Not sure on cost but most affordable ones would probably not have any electricity if I needed it.
  3. Sell a car, unlikely.
  4. Rent a house/room in a house. Maybe, but I’d like a place of my own and renting a whole house may be a bit much for me.
  5. Buy a house. Not ready for that.

Who has multicar experience in an apartment, any tips?

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