Two convertibles in what could very well be my new office garage in DC

I flew out to DC this week for a few job interviews. One of them was in Georgetown, where I parked in the building’s garage, and noticed some interesting cars. Those of you familiar with the area might be thinking commuting to Georgetown blows, but hark, I have news on that as well!

During my interview with this company, one of the people I met with was the CEO, and toward the end I casually asked how people tend to commute there. They mentioned that they provide free parking in the building’s garage to all employees. “It’s expensive, but we feel it’s worth it.”


Oh, and there was this Maserati in the garage too.

Now, why do I say this could very well be my new office? Because the company I interviewed with has already offered me the job. They’re ready and waiting for me to accept. Which I haven’t done yet for a couple reasons.

  1. The other jobs in DC for which I interviewed haven’t gotten back to me with any answers yet. I don’t necessarily love those jobs and where they’re located (Tyson’s Corner, VA and Springfield, VA) but hey you never know, maybe they make some kind of attractive offer.
  2. I’m in the running for a job here in Madison that I wasn’t expecting to be as good as it is. I wasn’t even really looking in Madison at all, we were all on board with moving to DC, but this thing came along and goddamn if it doesn’t have everything I could possibly want in a job. It might even pay more than the already-solid offer I have in Georgetown, and it’s a lot cheaper to live in Madison than DC (and its surroundings).

Now I have to keep the offer I have in Georgetown on the hook long enough to interview with the place here in Madison on Monday. If I don’t get the Madison job, then I’ll accept the offer in DC and move out there ASAP. If I do get the Madison job, that’s where shit gets complicated.

Both my wife and I felt like we were done with Madison. We live in our cheap little townhouse with thin walls and noisy kids on either side of us. Our lives are comfortable but kinda boring. Winter sucks. But one of the things we’ve both wanted for a long time is to buy a house.


To live in the DC suburbs but close enough in to the city to commute to Georgetown, renting a similar slightly larger townhouse to what we have in Madison is going to be 2.5x more expensive. We’ll be able to afford it, but buying a house in one of those close-in suburbs is kind of a stretch on what our income will be, even including my wife’s pay too. Maybe a townhouse with a garage at best. But if I got this job in Madison, shit, we could go buy a house right away.

Needless to say, while this is all a bit stressful, it’s also a pretty ok problem to have. There are no bad outcomes.


Here’s a bonus crazy Dodge Durango limo that I dangerously took a picture of on the beltway on my way from my parents’ house in Maryland down to National Airport (a.k.a. No I’m Not Calling It Motherfucking Reagan Airport).

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