And what does my Boss drop on me? That I have six open positions for prototype and sr. prototype engineers, and one metrology engineer. So if anyone in Oppo feels up to the task, and wants a shot, let me know. We use CATIA for CAD, but really, CAD is CAD and you can learn a new one. Things move fast, and I’m working on making them less loose, but so far Rivian is an awesome place to work.

I haven’t technically met RJ yet, but he did say hello to me in passing. And Mark Vinnels, my boss’ boss, the guy from Mclaren, is wicked cool.


Stef, there are media positions, and also some test driver positions in AZ.

If you have interest, email me at wadams at rivian dot com.

Update: Looks like our metrology position could be a non-engineer/technician level. So if you like cars and trucks, want to get into learning about using optical 3d scanners and serial number tracking and such, let me know!

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