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Two Doors, More... Doors Trans Am Moving Plan Day 11

It IS day 11, right? I skipped a couple days so I’m all discombobulated.

Anyways, I put the other door on last night.


It fits worse than the passenger side door, probably due to this FUBAR hinge:


I have more hinges in various states of non-FUBAR-ness, but to get it moved I’m just putting the stock stuff back on.

Some may be asking HOW I am wrangling these huge heavy doors by myself late at night and lets just say I get by with a little help from my friends Stool and Jack(stand)

Close fit with the toolbox there. Surprisingly both doors are able to open 90% of the way in my narrow garage

They’re actually not that hard to install. Just line them up close, shove one of the tapered METRIC bolts in, and start twisting. Repeat many more times but do not tighten.

A peek inside the door jamb reveals the FACTORY SILVER color of my car

Close door to where it SHOULD hang, and tighten the bolts. Once the latches are installed I’m sure more fine tuning will be needed, and then a little MORE when the fenders are on.

More Tesla-esque panel gaps, but then again the door is not closed or latched

But yay, attached doors!

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