Two idiots at the most beautiful race in the world: This or That?

Two idiots is a recounting of my experiences following the 2017 Mille Miglia and my experience preparing to go back in 2019.

Fantastic. Plus it came with the 2400 KM pack I required for the race without the need for a second mortgage. I miss it already!

Having booked my car 9 months ahead of time I did not expect to be scrambling at the last minute to ensure I had a ride for the 2019 Mille Miglia that wouldn’t be an embarrassment.


I’d booked an F-Type R-Dynamic specifically because it’s 380 hp 6 cylinder produced an epic exhaust note that would play well with the crowds along the route. If you aren’t driving multi-million dollar Gullwings or modern supercar marvels a little noise can go a long way to getting the mob on your side.

Unfortunately the company I rented through is undergoing a rebranding that includes a fleet update. The Jag I selected was to be replaced by a brand new 2020 model and they notified me last week that it wasn’t to be delivered until May 10th. With only two days between delivery and my scheduled pick-up date that felt a little too close for comfort. With some negotiation I worked out a free “upgrade”.

This, or that? Jaguar F-Type vs. C63 S.

The good news is I exchanged the overly peppy crackle and pop of the F-Type for the raucous blast of the C63 S... so I should be okay on the noise front. The less good news is I’m going to be tearing around in a white C Class cabriolet like a grandpa on the way to his country club tee time.

Both look good but the lines of that Jag are breathtaking.

At least I can pack more than a glovebox worth’s of clothes with the Mercedes. And snacks in a back seat are critical during 15 hour days on the road. I’m hopeful those perks and the 100+ additional HP will make up for losing out on that sleek black cat.


So Jag and Mercedes aficionados, what do you think? This (Jag) or that (C63 S)?

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