Two Integras - Two Stories

It's a slow day, here is a short story or two.

Every decade has its genre of cars. Think back to the 1950s and images of big-finned land yachts come to mind. The 1960, quintessential muscle cars. The 1970's, well, there were a lot of drugs and brown cars, and now everyone is doing their best to forget that decade. In the 1980s America's love affair with the car was making a come back with more European choices. The 1990s were the beginning of the currently ending horsepower wars, but with a heavy Japanese influence.


Whatever the decade, the cars of that decade always had influence on the young people of those years. With each passing year those people get older but the vehicles that influenced them in their youth remain deeply embedded somewhere in their mind. Those were the cars they knew and the cars they understood, and they will never make cars like that again. Next time you go a local cruise night notice that most cars are within fifteen years of its owners' age.

I graduated high school in 1995. Think about that year; the beginnings of the internet, beepers and first affordable cell phones, good economy and job market, grunge. Now think about the sports cars; Mustangs and Camaros were cars that were driven my forty-year-olds. The most prominent German sports car was the E36 BMW M3 but that was not exactly affordable, and neither was the amazing 993. Volkswagen's Corrado was cool but somewhat complex. The Japanese sports cars such as the Supra, the NSX, the RX-7 were fast, reliable (not so much the rotary), and could keep up with the Germans in the curves, but those too were not affordable.

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