I see press in general test and praise the BMW M135i with its horsepower and stuff. I love it, I'd take this car over many others without blinking.

But, there are two other BMWs I rarely see people talk about, one is the M135 itself, but with xDrive. That's 320hp with AWD. I think I've never seen anyone talk about it. I bet most people don't even know of its existence. I would love to see a test with it. How does it stack up to the sDrive? How about the RS3 which has Quattro, so theoretically it's its first big direct opponent?

The RS3 Sportback has 340hp, but is 100kg (220lbs) heavier than the BMW. This might spice things up for a head to head. Which powertrain handles the package better? I would love to see that. Though, as far as I've found, this option is only available in Germany, which is sad.

The other two are the Diesels. One is also xDrive, it's the 120d. Not much power against the other, 184hp. But again, it's a Diesel, with 380nM (280 lbf*ft) torque, allowing a 0-60 of 7 seconds, which isn't bad at all. All of this with 50mpg.

The last one is the 125d, RWD only. But 218hp and (motherfreaking) 480nM (320lbf*ft ) of torque! 0-600 in 6,3 seconds. I know many will bash me for it being diesels, and diesels are not that fun even though they have torque and stuff. But still. You can't deny its capabilities. Especially having AWD.