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Two of my Former Bikes are on Facebook Right Now

And I feel a little weird about it. The Rebel found itself on Marketplace after 100 miles and roughly six months and the Kawasaki KE100A G5 popped up some hours ago. It cleaned up really well!

It’s in better shape than I thought.

The guy I sold it to also got it running pretty well. He did a pretty thorough reconditioning! The carb cover it needs is only $30.


Here for sale I have my 1974 Kawasaki G5 100.

This bike runs good but it’s missing the carb cover. So while you can hear it run it’ll need some type of restriction put on the carb to fully function. Has all gears, both brakes work.

Has 4K miles been sitting in a barn since the mid 80’s. Needs tires as they all dry rot.

Just replaced: Coil, Spark plug, Spark plug cable, cleaned the carb and did the points.

The lady I got it from gave me a title for a 79 Kawasaki 100 so you can register that one to get a plate otherwise best for off-road. Obviously needs some love just about everywhere but it runs really good and the tank is solid!


A potential buyer could also do the Vermont method to get a registration and title.


I think it’s solidly worth the ask and hope he’s able to offload it. Is this my future? Am I basically going to fuel other bike flippers across Illinois?

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